Mark Gibson and Patricia Bolich both credit the staff at Alden Terrace of McHenry for getting them out of wheelchairs and on the road to recovery. Patricia came to the rehabilitation and health care center after suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. She spent a month at NIMC before coming to Alden for much-needed therapy.

“Thanks to therapy at Alden, I have been able to retrieve everything and walk again,” says Bolich, who lives in McHenry. “My therapist does a great job at encouraging and motivating me to get stronger so I can get back into the community. I am a different, better Patricia living a healthier life thanks to Alden. I rarely exercised before but thanks to the staff encouraging me to be healthy, I spend 55 minutes a day on the NuStep now.”

IMG_3686Before having a stroke in November, Crystal Lake resident Mark Gibson was used to walking several miles a day at the Menards in Woodstock where he works. He came to Alden Terrace of McHenry for its physical, occupational and speech therapy program.

“After the stroke, I couldn’t swallow and I was dizzy and scared,” he says. “I came to Alden because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to go home. Alden has helped me a lot by giving me the strength and freedom necessary to get better. My therapist Sammie has helped make me stronger and heal faster. I am working with her to get to a point where I do not need the walker anymore. I am doing so well that other patients call me Zoom Zoom because I do four to five laps around Alden every day.”

Patricia sums up her stay at Alden this way: “I am so glad my family recommended I come to Alden. I was afraid it would be like a nursing home and couldn’t have been more wrong. I love it here and would come back to Alden if I ever need therapy again.”